In the last 4-5 years, the usage of best torrent sites has increased to a great extent. Because with the availability of torrents, you can download almost anything starting from movies, games, software, music, TV shows and images.

Torrents have become so popular because they are the means to download large files and data from the internet. And the best part is, no matter, it banned or pirated, you can have access to all of them through torrents. In this article, we bring you the best torrent websites of 2016 to make it easy for you to explore the torrent world and attain your desired file.

Best Torrent Sites Of 2021

1. Kickass Torrents:

This was established in the year 2009 and till date it continued to rule among all other torrent sites. With the availability of a huge number of movies, software, games, music and TV shows, this one is undoubtedly the number one among the total torrent sites available in the present market.

Though it had to face a lot of battles within censorship and it had to burn through a few domains, but it still continues to run smoothly and you can make huge torrent downloads from this site.

2. The Pirate Bay:

This is one of the most important piracy icons of the recent times. The site offers a tough competition to Kickass torrents. At the beginning of 2015, it had to undergo a staff revolt and was offline for some period of time.

But very shortly it gained popularity in a very short period of time and now it has revived millions of users after successful comeback and now it operates within a hydra of domains.

3. Extratorrent:

This torrent site used to be the number one among all other torrent sites but with the government interference in torrent downloads; this site was offline for the last few months. But the site has been opened recently and you can make downloads as much as you want.

It continues to have more traffic and presently this one is really active among torrent communities. This torrent site is also popular among the ETRG and ETTV release groups.

4. Torrentz:

This was the top BitTorrent Meta search engine from the last couple of years. The unique feature of this site is, instead of sharing any direct magnet links this site redirects visitors to other places on the internet so that the best download option can be availed. This site makes use of different domain names but the most popular among them is .eu.


This one started out as a Bulgarian tracker, but in the years 2015-16, it has continued to gain more and more visitors.

Though it was blocked by the UK government’s ISPs in 2015 and that put it on par along with a lot of other torrent sites. But at present this site is functional and gaining visitors at an appreciable rate.

6. 1337X:

This was actually a community-driven the torrent site and it contained some unique files that were not available in more common torrent sites like Extratorrent or Kickass torrents.

But several admins and moderator abandoned the ship due to certain security concerns and presently it is not sure whether 1337x shall be able to keep up the popularity. This was once the most used torrent site among individuals. And we have noticed that most of the users of this site are from the United States.

7. EZTV:

Well, this was a specialized torrent downloading site for those who were fans of different TV shows. The best part of this torrent site is you shall be able to download files without registering on the site. The thing about torrent downloads is you can keep your identity a complete secret and thus anonymity is maintained.

But for certain sites which are specifically built for TV shows then you need to make registration. But in the case of EZTV, you can rest assured that you will not require any registration.

8. YIFY Torrents:

This is another great torrent developing site and it has been developed very recently. It comprises of a huge database of torrents. Though it was launched recently, you shall notice that YIFY torrents have been going viral for a huge number of torrent freaks.

In the present online it is really difficult to make a mark with torrents but kudos to YIFY torrents; it did it in a really short period. It has tons of audience and exposure. We have been observing this torrent site from the past 6 months and it can be said undoubtedly that this one is definitely one of the safest torrent sites of the present market.

9. ISO Hunt torrent:

Well, this one might not be in so much limelight, but undoubtedly it is one of the best torrent downloading sites. The best part is it offers the most convenient torrent download. It was started in the year 2013 and after a couple of weeks, it was forced to close due to some copyright issues.

But then again after a few months, this torrent site started and served innumerable torrent downloaders. You can notice better user experience and interface and also the environment is clutter free in this great torrent site. This is why we included in our best 10 torrent lists.

10. Bitsnoop torrents:

In this list, we are also going to include one final torrent site known as Bitsnoop. We all have encountered a lot of torrent sites and to be really honest with torrent downloads there is always the risk of Trojans and virus downloads. Herein lays the importance of Bitsnoop.

The site offers torrent files and those files are completely filtered from any Trojans or potential viruses. Also, this site blocks any outsiders who are trying to upload any Trojans or spam files on this website. It’s a really secured one.

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