Finally the message seems to be through, even if it is taking it’s time! Yep weight training isn’t all about the biceps, chest and abs. Are we at last seeing the rise of the traps?

Anyone who trains hard core style already knows and spends a lot of time training the traps, after all these are the building blocks of a big muscular ripped body.

But the vain let’s try impress the girls with big bicep type of guy won’t give these a second thought… you know the type I mean, their usually found posing, trying to show off dodgy looking arms and tend to have a pencil thin neck!

Now if you’re looking to build a serious body, real strength then you seriously need to work the traps on a regular basis, I personally work mine a minimum of 2 times  a week sometimes three, but it depends on you your size and how heavy you lift.

So How are we going to Maximize our Traps?

I’m going to give you a few options to pick from, I have my favourites but mix them up and see what works best for you.

Dead Lift.

Yep my old favourite, the dead lift, as you probably already know I love the big compound moves and the dead lift is one of my all time top lifts.

How Often have you Seen a Power Lifter with Small Traps?

Simply you don’t, they work them hard and heavy and the end result is huge traps… Next time you’re in a gym check out what the big guys in there are doing even better have a chat with them, ask them what worked for them I bet dead lifts are one of the first things they tell you too work on.

* Tip if your gym has a trap bar use it and if you work out at home consider buying one!

Olympic Lifts.

Another favourite of mine, cleans, snatches, high pull etc. These are perfect for building your neck and back and as an extra bonus you should be abl to do these on a more regular basis then the good old deadlift, 3-4 times a week easily.

Just a quick word of advice, please, please if you’re unsure how to correctly lift in any move without the right form then go get some coaching, after all the idea behind the moves above is too lift heavy and the last thing you want is injuries, SO LEARN CORRECT FORM!!!

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A must for anyone wanting to seriously beef up the trap muscles, shrugs can be done in a forward and reverse movement and also overhead ,add incline shrugs into the mix to target the mid traps, using dumbbells or a barbell or kettle bell

Mix it up with heavy and light, don’t just go heavy instead a bit of diversity is good here.

Farmers Walk.

Try the old strongman favorite, the mighty farmers walk. Often overlooked in many modern gyms the farmers walk has been used in the more traditional old school gyms for years, it’s not exactly a secret but if you’re serious about building huge trapezius muscles then get on the farmers walks.

A few people have asked what to use in the past, I suggest looking round to what you could use, maybe dumbbells or kettlebells or perhaps if you want to go big a couple of loaded trap bars or barbells. One thing I use at home is those petrol jerry cans, load with water or wet sand, get creative people!

Last but not least. As I have narrated the exercises above it will be prudent to tell some precautions too. You should not over burden your muscle and must give it proper rest to avoid atrophy. Subscapularis tear is very common among training guys and you should be aware of how to fix subscapularis tear. This small awareness can save you from many complexities.

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