Have you been told that filing an accident personal injury claim is a hard and lengthy task? Are you afraid of making errors while filing accident claims? If your answers are yes, then read on. This article will help you understand the right way to file an accident personal injury claim. In case you are not comfortable with filling yourself, get the services of public notary Mississauga.

Step #1 – The first and most important step is to get all injuries treated immediately. If the claimant has been injured due to a road accident, then it is recommended to call the nearest proving that they suffered a personal injury due to the accident. If the injuries are not serious then the claimant can get his injuries treated after finishing the formalities at the scene of the accident but the claimant should remember to get his injuries treated as soon as possible. If the accident occurred at work, then the claimant may first have to visit the doctor at work. Claimants are always advised to follow the set protocol to avoid claim-related problems later on.

Step #2 – The next step is to complete the formalities at the scene of the accident. For a road accident the claimant will have to call the police to get a copy of the police report whereas, for a work accident, the claimant will have to inform his boss so that the work accident’s details can be entered into the accident report book. For both work and road accidents, the claimant will have to find a witness who is ready to testify if needed.

Step #3 – Before filing the accident personal injury claim the claimant should visit his doctor for a follow-up to ensure that there are no problems. If the claimant notices any new symptoms such as back pain, upper body pain, or upper body stiffness then he should contact his doctor right away since these are the symptoms of whiplash injury. The claimant should also keep a record of all his old symptoms, new symptoms, and the number of times he visited the doctor.

Step # 4- Claimants are encouraged to consult a personal injury solicitor before filing the accident personal injury claim. By consulting a personal injury solicitor, the claimant will be ensuring that he has been guided and that he does not make any mistakes while filing the claim. The solicitor will help the claimant find adequate proof to support the fact that he suffered an injury due to the other party’s fault and the solicitor will also help the claimant complete claim-related tasks like taking photocopies of documents.

Note – If possible then the claimant should brief his doctor about how the accident occurred so that the doctor can enter relevant details into the claimant’s medical report. This will ensure that there is an official record of the accident in the claimant’s medical records. Also, if the case is of domestic abuse or related, the services of a Family Lawyer can be beneficial.

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