A personal injury lawyer has one purpose: to get you every dollar that you deserve for your injury. The reason for this is simple: personal injury lawyers are paid on commission. This means that the more money the attorney gets for you, the more money the attorney will earn for his or her efforts. A personal injury lawyer will obtain the compensation that you are due through a three-step process.

Determine Loss

The first step that a personal injury lawyer will take is to determine the amount of loss that you have suffered. This amount is not always as obvious as it may seem. Though the result of a car accident may be a fractured collarbone, the broken bone may result in arthritis and other chronic health problems later in life. Exposure to some materials may result in no immediate problems but can cause significant health problems later in life. When appropriate to determine the full loss relating to an injury, an attorney will work with doctors and other medical professionals to determine the total amount that you are due.

Determine Responsibility

Though the responsible party for many injuries may be obvious, this is not always the case. In some cases, more than one party may be responsible for causing an injury. For example, if a surgeon implants a medical device that is known to be defective by both the device manufacturer and the surgeon, both parties can be liable for the patient’s injuries. Regardless of the facts of your case, an injury attorney will work with police, investigators, and others to determine who is legally responsible for the injuries that you have suffered.


Once the lawyer determines how much is owed for the injury and who is responsible for the injury, the lawyer will begin to work to reach a settlement. This will generally mean negotiating a settlement amount with an insurance company by presenting the information the injury lawyer gathered on the injury and the actions of the liable party to cause the injury. If the lawyer cannot negotiate a fair and equitable settlement with the insurance company, the lawyer will begin legal proceedings to sue the liable party in court to collect the amount owed.

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Once the settlement is reached and payment made, you will have your money. Personal injury settlements can be paid in a number of different ways but lump sum payments are the most common. However, accepting payments from a financially secure insurance company may result in a larger payoff amount over time.

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