Bradley Cooper is one of the most popular and followed actors in Hollywood. He is a multi-talented guy with many hit performances on his credit. He is also a film maker beside an actor. He has been nominated in a multitude of awards and distinctions. He has also acquired places among Forbes list and Most Influential people lists. Brad is among the highest paid actors with his films net grossed over 11 billion USD.

Bradley Cooper Net-Worth

Bradley Cooper has a significant net-worth of $100 million. As he is among the highest paid actors this staggering wealth is no surprise.

Bradley Cooper Wife

Brad married Jennifer Esposito who is an American actress and author but the couple got divorced after only a year of marriage. Brad is officially single after this.

Bradley Cooper Age

Bradley Cooper born on January 5, 1975 is around 46 years old. He was born in Pennsylvania.

Bradley Cooper Movies

Over the years Bradley Cooper has stared in a number of top movies. Some of his most popular movies includes A Star is Born (2018), The Hangover Series (2009-2013), American Sniper (2014), Silver Linings Playbook (2012), Burnt (2015) and many more.

Bradley Cooper Height

Brad is a tall guy. He is around 6.1 feet in height.

Bradley Cooper Children

Brad has a daughter born in 2017 with his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk.

Some Other Questions People Frequently Ask are:

Are Bradley Cooper and Gaga Together?

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have not been seen together a great deal in 2020. The news of their moving in together just came out to be rumors.

Is Bradley Cooper a Nice Guy?

Many of his female co stars have spoken highly of him from which we can judge that he is a nice guy.

Who is Bradley Cooper Currently with?

Brad broke up with his girl friend Irina Shayk in 2019. He is technically single now as he hasn’t declared otherwise.

What is Bradley Cooper Most Famous for?

Bradley Cooper has been in Hollywood for some 20 years now. He is most famous for his roles in The Hangover series.

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