A topic that has recently become more relevant to my family is travelling with a disability.

It’s not something that you really think about until it affects someone close to you. The little things you take for granted; Boarding planes, getting in taxi’s, finding restaurants, accessing the beach and more all become a challenge.

Therefore, it was an absolute pleasure to be contacted in relation to publishing an article covering this topic. If you, or someone you know, wants to explore the world but has apprehension due to a disability, then read on. Hopefully these five simple but useful tips will inspire you to embark on your next adventure!

Off on an adventure in the near future?

Going on a holiday can be stressful at the best of times – but it can be made all the more of a challenge if you already have a disability or pre-existing medical condition. Today, let’s run through five ways you can make travelling with a disability that little bit easier….

1. Relax

What better way to spend your much-needed time away from home than with some good old-fashioned R and R. Finding the time to relax is just as important as having fun on holiday – which is why it’s crucial to get some down time.

Health and Fitness highlight eight of the best places to travel on holiday if you’re looking for a perfect place to get some rest. These include the likes of Madeira, Maldives and Thailand.

2. Get insurance

Getting insurance is always important for a holiday, but no more so than when you already have a disability. Insurance with highlight several ways in which you can make sure you get insurance, regardless of your condition.

Naturally, there’s going to be no one-and-only answer when it comes to whether you can get insurance or not with your condition. Follow the advice of medical and insurance specialists in this regard. Arguably the most important step is to ensure you tell the truth at all times. Failing to do so could see you miss out on a claim.

3. Read ahead

Make sure to do your research ahead of any trip away. It’s crucial you know exactly what’s required of you when it comes to getting through customs. The last thing you’ll want is for your medicine or medical equipment to be taken away.

Different airports will have varying needs and requirements, so make sure to brush up on the one you’re headed to as a point of priority. It could prove critical for your trip to have as much knowledge of this as possible.

4. Get a doctor’s note

Before your holiday, ask your doctor for a note. This will prove crucial when it comes to confirming why you may need the equipment or medication you’re bringing with you. The note can contain a series of information, including the likes of:

  • What kind of medicine (and dosage) you need
  • The types of equipment you’ll require
  • Important details of your illness

Having this to hand will make all the difference when it comes to getting through customs with a hassle, and quickly explaining what’s wrong with you if something doesn’t go to plan on your travels.

5. Balance your diet

Eating a healthy diet can be challenging at the best of times, but it will go a long way to ensuring you avoid a sudden trip to the hospital. Keeping your nutrition in check will help guarantee you stay energized and free from mishap.

Have these tips helped you? Make sure to keep them in mind when you next head off on your adventures. They could prove a life-saver.

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