Many people have a problem in common: How to stop a panic attack now?

If you don’t face this this problem, you may become a victim of recurrent panic attacks.

It’s vital to determine your symptoms first.

Does this sound familiar?

Spinning environment…
Pounding heart…
Couldn’t catch my breath…
Felt very scared…
Tingling sensation….
And nearly dying…
You know? These are the words people who came under a panic attack say.

What if you were a victim of this attack?

Don’t worry.

Let me show you some proven ways to stop a panic attack now:

To begin with, let’s understand:

What Really a Panic Attack is.

In fact, it’s a thundering attack of extreme fear.

For example:

If you come under a fearful situation — being the center of attention for a while, can lead you to a panic attack.

But, it lasts only a few minutes, very rarely it holds you for hours.


What Happens During a Panic Attack?

Our body has a specialized survival mechanism.

During a dangerous time, our body shows an emergency survival response known as “fight-or-flight response”.

Either fight or flight action needs your bodily muscle’s support.

..And your muscles need more energy.

Cells can produce and supply needed energy, then only, they got enough blood supply and oxygen.

Therefore, to pump more blood to the muscles, heart rate accelerates and by passing more blood, your blood pressure increases, too.

You feel the hyperventilation as your body tries to supply more oxygen to the burning process.

Finally, the bigger muscles in your legs and arms become shaky and excrete more sweat to fight or flight.

The adrenaline hormone is responsible for all these activities.

Thereby, the people who come under the attack, experience many symptoms including:

  • Nausea
  • Trembling
  • Hyperventilation
  • Excess Sweating
  • Loss of bodily control
  • Faintness
  • Numbness
  • Feeling of dying

With the realization of these symptoms, let’s move onto the next part;

Ways to Stop a Panic Attack NOW!

Regulate your breathing:

During an episode of a panic attack, your body needs more air (oxygen) to the fight-or-flight response. So, you need to inhale more air – should fill your upper and lower lungs. But in reality, you only fill your upper lungs. Hence, to supply the more air, you breath very fast (…At shorter intervals) and it results the hyperventilation.

Taking a deep-inhale can calm your hyperventilation. Deep-inhale fills both your upper and lower lungs, so, you feel that, you breathe by belly. This Belly-breathing can help calm your panic attack symptoms.

Redirect your focus:

Always thinking about your anxiety fuels your panic attack. So, try to re-direct your focus on any activity you like more. The best thing you can do some stretching- good for ease the muscle tension, boost your mood and your physical health.

Do not try to run away from the location:

By staying at your current location, you should tell your brain that, there is no real danger around my location. So, you can avoid future attack at the same place.

Understand the situation:

Understanding the situation clearly is important to stop panic attacks. You should understand that, this is just a panic attack, not anything serious. It can stop your panic growing further and can alleviate the symptoms without delay.


Prayer is a good way to stop a panic attack now. During a prayer, you feel that you’re talking to the god, and able to find a listener immediately. So, passing your message to a listener, helps you feel relaxed and redirects your focus away from the frightening thoughts.

Seek help:

Talking to a mental health professional can help you in managing panic attack. Also, there are lots of support groups available, especially for panic attack sufferers. You can search a support group at: Anxiety and Depression Association of America’s site.

Avoid alcohol and smoking:

Most of the panic attack sufferers chose alcohol as their relief. But in truth, it fuels your attack. A study at the University Of North Carolina School Of Medicine reports that, alcoholics find it hard to psychologically recover from a traumatic experience.

Another study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association suggested that, smoking may increase risk for some anxiety disorders.

So, cut down your alcohol consumption and smoking may result positively in recovering from your panic attacks.


Stress in your life chiefly contributes to your panic attack. Stress can cause mood swings, severe emotions, and depression — these create a fearful situation. Then, you have an episode of panic attack.

So, following some effective de-stress ways may save you from panic attacks.

Get enough sleep:

Insomnia triggers your panic attack and panic triggers the insomnia. Sleep is necessary to relieve tension in your muscles and brain. Not taking quality night’s sleep, builds tension on your body and it results the stress.

So, to avoid the consequences, take quality night’s sleep.

Maintain a positive attitude:

Positive attitude is an important thing to live a healthy life holistically. Keep in mind that, the symptoms of panic attacks are temporary, this is not a serious condition, and I can beat all these symptoms in a while. Fighting the panic with the positive thoughts can help you come out of the attack.

Green tea:

Drinking green tea boosts your brain activity and believed to give the relaxing effect. Besides the antioxidants, amino acids, green tea contains caffeine — there are a lot better with green tea than caffeine.

The better brain activity makes you smarter — and gives the power to fight the negative thoughts and panic.

As tea has some stimulants, better to avoid before your bedtime.

Eat healthy:

Eating improper diet may leave you hypoglycemic. Lower blood sugar level shows some symptoms that mimic a chronic medical condition. Experiencing these symptoms can induce a panic that you’re having a serious illness and ruined your overall well-being.

So, to avoid such thoughts, you need to follow up a healthy diet plan.

In a nutshell, that’s quite a challenge to stop a panic attack now without medication.

It only depends on you.

Now make it happen.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, …and share these tips with your friends and family!

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