Bob Durr

Damn the Gods of Greece

Damn the Gods of Greece
Good businessmen,
For what they give they get
Back ten times ten
And not in gold, but lives of men.
But what they give is often
Finer yet
Than any price they ever hope
To get.

So bless them for their
Gifts in carpe diem sin,
But damn the gods of Greece
For toying with the lives of men.


Galileo, in the cold cathedral,
Timing with his pulse the swinging lamp,
Knew more of God than all
Who came to worship the golden icons
of that place,
Who killed him because his world was
fully round
And theirs but a place of sharp corners
And an endless fall.

Bob holds a Master of Arts in English from Mississippi State University.  He tends his garden and has poetic thoughts near Starkville, Mississippi.


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