3 Must have Drone Accessories for new Buyers

The market of consumer drones is a booming one and the gadget is immensely popular among all types of customers. Homeowners use it to survey the surroundings of their house while real-estate agents use drones to show the property to clients. Drone owners also need some additional accessories which are very essential. But choosing them can be a little problematic. You should understand the purpose very well and the accessory should increase your drone’s potential. You can personalize your equipment by adding these accessories and your drone will not only capture sensational photos but also perform other functions. In this article, we have listed 6 indispensable drone accessories which you should buy today.
Propeller Guards: Good quality propeller guards are a top necessity. They are needed by both beginners and experienced pilots. Crashes can be very dangerous and you need protection for that. The propellers have a tendency to break quite easily and the larger models are capable of causing severe injuries and damages, if it lands in a wrong way. It is just not possible to buy new propellers after every crash and this is why propeller guards are extremely important. They are usually fastened to the quadcopter’s body but you can also attach them to the arm which holds the propeller. After it is done, you don’t need to worry about the crashes as your drone is already protected.
Additional Propellers: A lot of propellers will be needed as you continue using your quadcopter. Some propellers are lost by an avian attack while you may lose others due to an accident. This is inevitable, mainly due to the fragile nature of the item. You should always have additional propellers in store as they can be needed any time. Lighter propellers can also be bought as they are handy. If the drone is lighter, consequently it will be swift and energy efficient. The normal propellers which are supplied with the lower-end products are heavier and they are not durable. New propellers can be added to almost every drone and this added investment can prove beneficial in the long run.

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Stronger Batteries: Most quadcopters are equipped with average batteries and it reduces the performance level significantly. Normally, a specific mAh range is mentioned in the product details section. The lower range is for cheap batteries, which fails to power the device for a long duration and reduces the flight time. The standard batteries have a mid mAh range and the performance is decent. But if you want to enhance the flight, you need to buy a strong battery which is compatible with your device. These batteries are heavier, but the flight time gets a massive boost. Once you have these powerful batteries, you can fly your drone for a considerable amount of time.

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