Increase your Festive Mood by Participating in Thailand’s Photography Contest

The festive mood has bloomed rapidly, spreading its fragrances all through the streets and cities of the nation. This is a season for celebration and the country is therefore moving ahead with bunches of events to be held in the coming weeks.
Thailand, well-known for its beaches, nightlife and partying is also a nation that has a great culture and tradition. To wrap up a surprise for the culture lovers and to reveal a bit of the past to the public, the tourism authority is in the next move, now!
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Its festive season, and therefore mere celebrations and partying won’t make the day special anyhow. There needs a thing which adds spice to your supper, an extra scoop of ice to your glass of wine, and a piece of cheese that melts on your hot snack. There needs a thing to make the event more special. And for all that, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has a plan to conduct a photography contest to share your snaps on ‘Thailand Events and Festivals’. The contest would win you awards and prize money, with the first prize of US$ 1000 (approx.) which is proceeded by other two prizes that yields you a little less than that of the first.
Hope this news adds luster to your celebrations and smile on your lips. It’s the right time to charge the batteries of your digital cameras, as only digital soft copies could be submitted for the contest.
Travel in the path of events and festivals, as the theme says so. Start clicking the bustling festive streets of this majestic town. Multiply your camera’s memory spaces into double or triple, as you could send as many photos as you wish.
It not only sweetens the photographer’s tongues, but also tastes like heaven in an ordinary person’s photographic desires, as anyone regardless of nationality, age and sex can participate to express and explore their photographing talents.
So, for what are you waiting still, charge up the batteries and memory sticks – as the contest will be closed on the 18th of March.
Cheery Photographing!

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